To realize the power of Data2-U – and to discover how it can benefit your enterprise – see below for a brief overview of five key features:

1. Custom configured data screens
For the ultimate in user-friendly convenience, Data2-U displays your critical equipment or process control parameters as raw measurements, raw measurements converted to engineering units, calculated values based on measurements and configurable constants that can be used in onscreen calculations. In addition, you can customize sorting options and group your equipment by geographical region, type, chemicals used and more.

2. Historical data
With Data2-U, you can easily evaluate historical data for the previous one, seven or 30 days. And, you can conveniently view data in either graphical or chart formats.

3. User security
All of your Data2-U equipment data screens are password protected for total control. This means you can limit users to view only data critical to their operation. And for additional security, all of your enterprise’s information is backed up daily in a 24x7 environment. Privacy and security statement.

4. Data download and transfer
Downloading data from Data2-U is simple. You can easily download to any spreadsheet program, and then interface your data with internal enterprise resource planning, logistical systems or business-to-business e-commerce Web sites.

5. email bulletin messages
The best way to prevent problems is to know about them ahead of time. With Data2-U’s emailed message system, you can program the system to alert you of trigger events. You have an unlimited number of user-defined operation triggers that you can set and should an event occur, you will quickly be alerted via email or sms phone.

Teledata RTU

Teledata from Simpson Electric is a wide area wireless data acquisition solution for remote site process and equipment monitoring. Its wireless network covers 98% of North America for the ultimate in convenience. The Teledata solution provides connectivity to remote signals and, through the Data2-U Internet Server, it transmits this information to your desktop computer. This way, you can easily receive, view and analyze data through your Internet browser. In addition, the Data2-U Internet Server provides the services required to remotely monitor and record information for each individual application.

The SE-9000 RTU series remote monitoring system has the capacity to monitor and report up to four analog and four digital inputs. This intelligent RTU can be configured to:

  • transmit at predetermined times,
  • transmit on exception alarms,
  • monitor multiple pieces of equipment,
  • and monitor multiple data points.


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